11 August 2009

it's AUGUST?

How did that happen and where did the summer go? Oh yeah, we have been insanely busy. Between playdates, soccer two nights a week, t-ball, speech, and OT. . . we have been running non-stop. Plus we were sick (and I mean SICK) which was a very hard start to the summer for us. And then add a newborn on top of that. . . it has been eventful. Now that it is August it is s-l-o-w-i-n-g down a bit and I am beyond thankful for that!

Here are a couple recent videos of the Leaflets. . . enjoy!

10 August 2009

it's been a while

so thought I would ease back into it with a picture post . . .

16 June 2009

fun in the rain

We are finally getting some much needed rain and the kids couldn't help but head outside to splash in the puddles. . . and after they splashed in a nice, warm bath!

13 June 2009

fun in the sun

Grandma Peg took the big Leaflets for the morning to give Lars and I some much needed down time (well, technically we still had littlest, but she doesn't do much yet so we were still able to relax! ;) . The kids had so much fun playing with GP and they had the most fun at the lake! This was Annika's first time playing in the sand and water and she had a blast. . . and as you can see so did Bergen!

Thanks GP!!!!

11 June 2009

some video

a photo progression

I was trying to snap a few photos of Ingrid today when Annika wanted to join in the fun. . .and then Bergen. As you can see, Ingrid started to feel a bit overwhelmed by her siblings (note adorable frown!) and I got her out just in time as Bergen and Annika started to wrestle!

just can't get enough of these

08 June 2009

the graduate

Well, sorta kinda. Bergen graduated from the preschool he has been attending for the past two years. . . he technically isn't a preschool graduate since he has one more year before he starts kindergarten, but next year he will be at a different preschool. We have really enjoyed these years and have grown to know and love the other kids/families. It will certainly be weird next year when we start the new program and don't know anyone. I think it will be harder for me then Bergen! As you can see in the pics below - Bergen was very proud to be graduating!

first soccer game

Bergen's first soccer game was LAST Monday, but better late then never! He had a BLAST playing and the Yellow Rattlesnakes did GREAT!

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