16 February 2009

Annika. . . meet Nora. . .

How lucky are we to live in the age of technology. . . when we live far from our loved ones, but are able to keep in touch through so many online tools. Nora (Chris and Kate) may not be near, but they are never far from our thoughts! Keep the videos coming guys . . . (and there are these things called blogs that are really cool, easy to use and free. . . hint, hint!)

13 February 2009

oh annika, you're a clever one

Annika LOVES reading books. . . especially at bedtime. When asked to start book time after bath, she happily goes to her room, shuts the door and promptly pulls every (and I mean *every*) book off the bookshelf only stopping to read whatever book catches her eye.

Now however, she realizes that book time = bed time and will do everything in her power to NOT sit on my lap while we read. I think she feels that if we aren't reading in the rocking chair, it means it isn't really bedtime. . . or at least bedtime doesn't start until after we read books in the rocking chair together. So she will read her books on the floor, sit in the rocking chair withOUT me, or she will drag her chair into her room and sit there while I read to her (note pics).

I, however, continue with the 3-5 book plan and after I am done reading those, whether she has sat on my lap or not, I turn out the light. And normally she is NOT sitting on my lap, but is on the opposite side of the room so she will come running to me, sit on my lap and ask to read books. When I say no, she gets just a tad mad acting like we never got to read any books that night. Oh Annika, I am sooooo onto your scheme!

her future is so bright

she has to wear shade!

i would die for that

I am not going to go into the story of it all, but if you know our journey to parenthood you will know why I posted this. I found this song extremely touching. My thoughts and prayers are never far from those traveling the hard, lonely and painful road to parenthood.

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