31 March 2009

the month of extremes

Usually we start out the month playing in the snow and by the end we are playing in the street. . . and while the warm weather hasn't really come yet we have had a couple of nice days. Here are some photos of us enjoying the Minnesota outdoors this past month. . . .

oh the love

One morning as the kids sat on the sofa watching a little TV, Bergen decided to put his head on Annika's lap and they sat there for about 20 minutes. It was one of the sweetest moments I have seen between the two of them!

But I have to say. . . here is a more typical photo of when the kids are "playing" together!

marveling at the differences

Lars and I are always commenting about how different our kids are - not in a harsh competitive way, but in amazement and awe at their individual differences. As we watch Annika grow more into her own self, we try to remember what Bergen was like at 19 months and man alive it is impossible to remember back that far. You think as a parent you will never forget, but sadly you do. (Thank goodness for video!)

At any rate. . . Annika seems to possess a little more of a quirkiness then her brother had at her age. She is constantly dressing up, hording/hiding small objects, playing with outlets, drawing on walls. . . .

Here are some pics of Annika being her normal silly self that bring a huge smile to my face!

man oh man have i been m.i.a.

I blinked and the month is now over - which I have to say I am happy about. March is never a wonderful month here in Minnesota. Today is the last day in March we are still seeing snowflakes falling. Not good - especially on the spirit that has been trapped inside all winter. This is truly the winter that would never die.

We are now 27 days away from our due date with Leaflet #3. I go back and forth between wishing this last month away to wanting it to last forever. I am starting to grieve the current relationships I have with my kids knowing that adding another child will change us all forever. Yes, in a good way, but it will be different. I remember really mourning my alone time with Bergen when I was pregnant with Annika and now I am mourning the fact that Annika won't be our baby anymore. Such a roller coaster or thoughts and emotions. . . which hormones and sleep deprivation probably contribute quite a bit to. I go in on Friday to see the DR for the first of the final round of weekly visits. I am very ready to have Ingrid here with us. . . safe and sound.

The kids have been sharing a room for pretty much the whole month now. It took us a couple weeks to figure out the new routine, but I am happy to say I think we are now all adjusted and the kids are enjoying rooming together. I was expecting something so much worse and really the transition went quite smoothly.

Here we are reading books together. . . although the 3 (should I say 4?) of us no longer fit in the rocking chair together! We now have to read on the sofa!

Here we are at bedtime. . . Auntie Megan was babysitting so Lars and I could get out for a dinner and we can home during bedtime routine. The kids were both in Annika's crib while Megan was reading to them! They were snuggled in together - it was VERY sweet! Annika LOVE when I rub her belly - so that is what I am doing in the video!

Here are the kids playing underneath Bergen's bed. . . they LOVE to build a fort and then will play in there for an hour or so together. . . which in Mom time is like 4 hours!

04 March 2009

the final countdown

Bergen and I made a calendar so we can watch the days quickly (or slowly depending on how I am feeling that day!) count down to Ingrid's arrival! Bergen gets to tear off a new sheet every day. . . something we both look forward to!

the room is set. . . and we're ready to go

Well, I don't know if you can ever truly be *ready*, but Bergen's room is now ready to become Bergen and Annika's room. We were lucky enough to have some friends (thank you Nealys!) who aren't using their crib right now so they have loaned us their crib until 1. Annika doesn't need one anymore or 2. they need it for a new baby. (But I am guessing Cara would say #1 will happen before #2. . . or maybe not?!)

Annika is actually taking her very first nap in the new room as I type. So far so good. I think I am going to start sleeping her in there full time on Sunday. It all depends on how the rest of the week goes with the naps. All I know is that Bergen is VERY excited to share a room with his sister. I am still concerned that they will wake/keep each other up (especially now with my insomnia in the mornings and I hear Annika up at 5:30 pretty much every morning!) But as a friend told me who has kids sharing a room . . . put a lock on the door, let them get up, let them play and then let them out at 7am!

Wish us luck!

03 March 2009


This mom wrote a great little post about scare tactics and parenthood. . . which highlights so much of why I struggle with anxiety over raising my kids!

No More Scare Tactics

this one is for you megan

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