01 May 2011

again, i know better

BUT ... when stuck in the car for long periods of time with a screaming toddler. You do what you gotta do.

Were chocolate covered pretzels the snack of choice at that moment? No. They were all I had. She had already devoured the bunny crackers and other various snacks I had brought. All that remained was the snack I had packed for me ... but it went to much better use.

It made for one happy toddler.

xoxo, the blad pad

may day ... may day

A distress call indeed.

May 1st. And we had snow flakes falling. SNOW. And yes, this *is* Minnesota for all of those that like to point that out. But come on, let's all admit that seeing snow on May 1st isn't usual. It's just down right torture. Especially after that long, horrible winter we had. So much snow. So much cold. We are just aching for some down right decent weather in this house .... as I know most of our family and friends are too. I am not asking for much - just some dry weather that don't require winter jackets.

Please hear my distress call Mother Nature. Between the continued freeze in the north and the horrible heartache of storms in the south, we all need a break. And it seems to me that you have been quite busy yourself creating all this nastiness, so it would be a win-win situation. You get a break and we get a break. Deal?

On a side note .... every year we get this really adorable May Day basket that a kindergartner makes at a nearby elementary school (you know, the one we could SKIP to but we can't get in!). I have always felt it is really sweet thing for the school to bring them to our neighborhood even though we live on the wrong side of the tracks ... or should I say county line (boy am I grumpy today. I blame the weather). But it is truly a fun surprise to see the bright, beautiful basket hanging on the door .... So, to the kindergartner who made and delivered the flowers to our home, Happy May Day right back to you!

xoxo, the blad pad
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